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Risk Assessment

Manhattan Loss Control specializes in providing risk assessment and risk improvement services for lines carriers, MGAs, brokers, and program administrators nationwide.

Our commitment to quality assurance and responsiveness along with effective risk improvement programs help our clients to increase their business. We provide loss control services across a wide range of industry sectors for all lines such as large, complex risks, as well as small BOP risks. Our deep expertise in a number of sectors includes

                         • Real Estate & Construction

    • Environmental

• Health Care

                 • Commercial Business

              • Schools/Institutions

  • Agribusiness

    • Public Entities

      • Transportation

Comprehensive Assessments

Manhattan Loss Control provides you the competitive advantage of superior loss control. Starting from the qualifications and training of a network of professional field representatives, we have developed the most comprehensive system of inspections, assessment, and reporting. With our proprietary information technology systems, integrated with professional Operations and Quality Assurance teams, we deliver reports that meet your needs, using your forms and procedures.

Risk Improvement Consulting

We provide high-caliber risk improvement consulting services for the carriers, employers, public and private entities, MGAs, brokers, and program administrators.

We have developed the technical proficiency and the professional leadership team to provide the kinds of customized risk improvement programs necessary to lower the loss ratios and achieve the profitable underwriting. With our proprietary safety culture assessment tools and our deep loss control expertise in specific industries and sectors, we are successful to establish a baseline from which customized risk improvement programs can be implemented.

We follow up on risk assessments to help clients comply with risk control findings, conduct accident analyses, and develop innovative plans that can reduce future risks, losses, and insurance premiums.

Our training programs help the clients as well as their employees control losses through improved operations. There are different types of programs to help our partners of insurance industry reduce the percentage of risk, lower loss ratios and support the main aim of profitable underwriting.

Program Services

Over time, Manhattan Loss Control has developed specialized business areas and provides risk improvement consulting services nationwide. The combination of our leadership team, quality assurance groups, and the technical experts, has enabled us to provide superior loss control services to specialized industries and risk management sectors.

Training and Professional Development

We provide the most customized training and professional development programs for insurance industry professionals with an object to strengthen the foundation of information, procedures, guidelines, and insights for making in-depth, well-considered loss control risk assessments. We have advanced training programs that focus on methods and the approaches to risk control and improvement.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) offer our field consultants advanced web-based training on ITV calculations, specialized services like Environmental Liability risk assessments, as well as client-specific training.

We employ dedicated training services on a variety of safety, health, environmental, and risk management topics

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